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Product Description

Day-Part Outdoor Menu Boards from C3 Lighting Solutions, Inc. rotate to provide twice the menu space as similar products. These products take outdoor menu board quality and design to the next level. The innovative ION™ Light Engine maximizes energy efficiency and provides unequaled thermal management. All aluminum extrusion construction and architectural powder coat finishes produce a product that sets a new standard for menu displays. LED illumination, ease of operation, and fog-free doors provide years of maintenance-free service.

Extruded Aluminum Construction

Provides optimum structural strength with internal hinges and fog-free doors.


Powder Coated Finish

Provides a long lasting maintenance-free finish that is both attractive and environmentally friendly.


Low Voltage System

Easy to install, inherently safe 24 volt class II wiring.


Dimming Control (optional)

To save energy, the menu board's illumination level may be set at 30% when no car is present in the drive-thru lane and raised to full power when a car is present.


LED Technology

Provides 45% to 75% reduction in energy costs over T-12 fluorescent lamps. Qualifies for energy rebates and LED building certification points.

LED Arrays

A high density of low wattage LEDs with integrated heat-sink maximizes LED longevity.

Direct LED Backlighting

The ION™ Light Engine optimizes light output, while providing even illumination with no hot spots.

Maintenance free, High Quality LEDs

Provides 10+ year illumination life span in Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). Eliminates lamp change-out costs.

No UV or IR Radiation

Over 300% increase in graphics longevity and decreases building heat load. Eliminates harmful UV.

"Green" Construction

Products are 99% recyclable at end-of-life.


UL, CUL, CE, RoHS compliant. Qualifies for LEED certification points.

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