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Product Description

Supra-Light™ Diffused Illuminators are an industry first in style, format and function and were developed specifically to provide high quality overhead lighting for the Health Care industry. C3 Supra-Light™ Illuminators use the innovative ION™ Light Engine to maximize energy efficiency and provide unequalled thermal management. Supra-Light products are EMI/RF free for direct installation in MRI suites and other areas where electromagnetic and RF interference cannot be tolerated. 24 VDC Class II Power reduces installation costs, and allows placement of the power supply outside an EMI/RF critical area. All fixtures have an Agion® antibacterial powder coat finish. Fixtures are ferrite-free and can be ordered sealed to eliminate cavities where airborne bacteria or virus can be trapped. Whether T-bar, pendant, cable, or surface mounted, our Supra-Light™ Diffused Illuminators set new lighting standards for the Health Care Industry.

Thin Lightweight Panels

 Manufactured from lightweight aluminum extrusions.  Easy to install in any ceiling configuration.

Non-Ferrous Construction

 No restrictions on mounting locations.

Diffusion Lens

Provides a unique diffused appearance.

Low Voltage System

Easy to install, inherently safe 24 Volt Class II wiring.

Simplified Wiring

Small, low voltage, plenum rated wires connect our light panels to our remote power supplies.

Dimming Control (optional)

Illumination levels can be remotely dimmed to fit the requirements of the area's occupants.


LED Technology

Provides 45% to 75% reduction in energy costs over T-12 fluorescent lamps. Qualifies for energy rebates and LEED building certification points.


LED Arrays

A high density of low wattage LEDs with an integrated heat-sink maximizes performance and LED longevity.

Direct LED Backlighting

ION™ Light Engines optimize light output, while providing even and bright illumination.


Maintenance Free, High Quality LEDs

Provides 10+ year illumination life span. Eliminates lamp change-out costs.


No UV or IR Radiation

Eliminates harmful UV. Decreases building heat load.


“Green” Construction

Products are 99% recyclable at end-of-life.


Remote 24VDC Power

Moxie Power Distribution Modules connect multiple illuminators for high performance, flicker-free dimming and easy installation.  


ETL Listed. Conforms to UL 2108 and UL 8750 Standards.

Certified to CSA Standard C22.2 No. 9.0

RoHS compliant. Qualified for LEED certification points.






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