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C3’s management has over 75 years dedicated to the design of intelligent solid state circuitry, digital control systems, and custom illumination solutions. C3 has dedicated the last two years researching, engineering, and manufacturing all of the components necessary for a complete controlled lighting network. The entire system is based on Intelligent Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) that use Class II wiring (which requires no metal conduit for commercial installations) to distribute power to a virtually unlimited number of fixtures. Dimming control, current limiting, and energy monitoring are all integral to C3’s Intelligent Power Distribution Modules. C3’s Digital Wall Dimmers can control individual rooms or zones of lighting, and simultaneously function as a remote hub for occupancy, daylight harvesting, temperature, humidity, and sound level sensors. C3’s Intelligent Lighting Control can be connected to the PDM to provide wired or wireless communication (WiFi®, BlueTooth®, ZigBee®, etc.) to the entire lighting network. By integrating current limiting and control of DC power in the Intelligent Power Distribution Module C3 has taken LED lighting to the next level of efficiency, control, and ease of installation.

C3’s technology not only allows monitoring and control of power usage on every individual channel or zone of a building, but digital current limiting to Class II power levels provides a substantial reduction in the carbon footprint of an installed lighting system by eliminating the need to install the metal conduit and large gauge wiring required to connect individual AC powered incandescent, fluorescent, and LED fixtures with integrated power supplies using Class I power. C3’s technology utilizes simplified LED fixtures that are smaller in size and less expensive to manufacture and ship, because they do not require integrated power supplies and/or dimming controls as part of the fixture.

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